Droid Run

Game is only available for Tablets and Desktop!

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A EXITING RACE HAS STARTED ! Droid’s are jumping straight in to a gaming world near you. In this thrilling, action-packed adventure you are going to be on the edge of your seat with excitement.
Since the infamous game’s of one touch action and iconic droid’s were abandoned and left to fend for them self, many others tried to pick up where they left off. But now it’s your turn However, none of those jumping re-makes came close to matching the fast, addictive game play… So we set out to create a version of game that was as true and frustrating as any other — and we have finally achieved that with Droid Run. New Game !

So what makes our game the best?

From another sector of the universe Droid’s are the new order. Easy play, exiting on the edge of your seat fun.
– Out of this world Simple, one-touch controls: Touch on the screen to make the droid jump.
– Compete, & post high scores to the online leaderboards
– Challenging game physics, exactly like original one touch jumping game’s
– Amazing, graphics — frame by frame, pixel by pixel
– Start the game by one quick press on the screen
– A longer press will make you jump longer then a shorter press ( But it’s very sensitive )

Why are you still reading this? Hit the download right now your Droid need’s your Help !

Seriously, what are you waiting for?! Oh, and don’t forget to rate and review!

*NOTE: This app is a original silver swan creation. – Playable for All Kid’s and Adult’s –

Connect with us / follow us / worship the droid’s :


HTML5 Online game/ Game Maker Studio game. 
Tags: HTML5, online games, arcade, endless runner.

  • Click or Tap the screen.
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