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Keep up with the pace on the busy street’s when it comes to this fun addictive new game. You will be hooked and fall in love with the mission that faces your new favorite action character – Gorillie. This game is a must for all game Enthusiast looking for a new challenge.
Game play – once you press play the game kicks into action you will find Gorillie down the bottom of the screen positioned right in the middle of the street, Swipe with your finger anywhere on the screen to direct gorillie Left – Right – up – Down to try and navigate though the Hectic traffic. You can direct Gorillie from off the road on the far left hand and right hand side’s of the Road but be careful of the boulders and the tree’s coming down on the side’s of the road for they will drag you down to the bottom of the screen where you will be out of bounds.
The game end’s – when gorillie gets collected by a on coming vehicle or get’s directed / dragged off the bottom of the screen. Gain point’s by the car’s moving out of the bottom of the screen and get extra point’s for smashing Car’s, Buses and Truck’s

Vehicle’s exiting from bottom of screen – Car’s 10 points, Buses 15 point’s, Truck’s 20 point’s
Powered up Gorillie Smashing vehicle’s – Car’s 20 point’s, Buses 30 point’s, Truck’s 40 point’s
Free download game With full game access. In app purchases for the deletion of ads for only .99 cents download the action today.

-Grab 1 banana from the street to power up Gorillie to Smash though the small Car’s
-Grab 2 banana’s from the street to power up Gorillie to smash though the car’s & Buses
-Grab 3 banana’s from the street to power up Gorillie to smash though the car’s, buses & truck’s

Your family and friend’s are going to find yourself totally addicted to Gorillie.
Challenge other Gorillie players in the leader board.
– Playable for All Kid’s and Adult’s –


HTML5 Online game/ Game Maker Studio game. 
Tags: HTML5, online games, arcade, endless runner.

  • Desktop: arrow keys for moving.
  • Mobile: swipe for moving.
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