I want to be a Gorillionaire

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Have you ever wanted to become a Millonaire? Are you ready for this test? Based on famous TV show, now you have the opportunity to become the next Gorillionaire.

For this test you must answer 15 multiple choice questions correctly. 

You can use 4 life-lines: 

  • Public lifeline: let the public decide for the correct option.
  • Telephone lifeline: ask your best friend for the correct option.
  • 50-50 lifeline: it will destroy two incorrect questions. Now you have 50% chances. 
  • Refresh lifeline: ask for another question if you don't know the right one.

There are two milestones at G$1,000 and G$32,000. If you answer incorrectly, you will leave with the latest milestone achieved.

You can leave everytime you want and leave with the money earned. 


HTML5 Online game/ Game Maker Studio game. Inspired in famous TV show 'Who wants to be a Millonaire'. All rights reserved to the original show and creators. This is a non-commercial game. No real currency is used in this game. Questions extracted from Open Trivia Database. 
Tags: HTML5, online games, quiz, trivia, millonaire, gorillionaire, multiple choice. 

    • Click or Tap the buttons/options.
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