Pang Fever

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In the game, player must finish a round-the-world quest to destroy bouncing balloons that are terrorising several of Planets. 

Use your skills to overcome the balls falling from the skies and rescue the universe from imminent annihilation.

Bonus Items
  • Double Wire, a twin harpoon that allows two shots at once.
  • Power Wire, a grappling hook that stays attached to the ceiling or block for a short period of time. This time can be decreased by rapidly pressing the fire button.
  • Gun: shoot a gun with less delay.
  • A force field.
  • An hourglass that slows the balls down.
  • A clock which stops the balls for a short time.
  • Dynamite that pops all of the balloons down to their smallest size simultaneously.

HTML5 Online game/ Game Maker Studio game. Based on famous game made by Mitchell Corporation: Pang or Buster Bros. 
Tags: HTML5, online games, arcade, mobile, Pang, Buster Bros.

  • Desktop:
    • Left or Right keys: move left or right.
    • Up key: jump.
    • Space key: shoot
  • Mobile: on screen joystick and buttons.
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