Silver Swan Word Search

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A word search is a puzzle that uses words and puts them in a grid. The point of the game is to find all of the words hidden in the grid. The puzzle consists of a grid of letters that is a rectangle shape. Besides the grid is a list of words. The letters in the word appear in order somewhere in the grid, and can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. A letter in the grid can be used in more than one word, and not all the letters in the grid have to appear in a word.

To solve the puzzle, a person has to find the place where each word is hidden in the grid, and when he or she finds that place, he or she circles all the letters in the word (as shown in the example), and then crosses the word off the list so that he or she knows not to look for that word again. It is easier to find the bigger words first since they have more letters.

Many word search puzzles have a theme, so all the hidden words are related. Sometimes, once all the words have been found, the letters which have not been used in any of the words (that is, the letters which have not been circled at least once) spell another word or even a short message. 


HTML5 Online game/ Game Maker Studio game. 
Tags: HTML5, online games, word games.

  • Click or Tap the screen.
  • Click and Drag.
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