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Throw Gorillie heads using the Slingshot, and destroy all the sheep invaders to advance in the game. 18 levels are waiting for you
Gorillie Heads Types
  • Brown Gorillie: simple head.
  • Blue Gorillie: when clicking while in the air it will split into three heads to attack multiple objectives. It destroys ice blocks with one hit.
  • Yellow Gorillie: when clicking while in the air it will speed up, and will hit harder.
  • Black Gorillie: after throwing it will explode like a bomb, hitting the nearest objectives. It will destroy stone blocks easily.
Block Materials
  • Ice: Softer, lighter and more fragile material. It is easily destroyed by the Blue Gorillies.
  • Wooden: Most common material, easily destroyed.
  • Stone: hard material, but it can be destroyed. Black Gorillie easily destroy when exploding.
  • Explosives: Explosives: when hit, they explode, hurting nearby targets.
  • Steel: indestructible, only bombs can move it.
Disclaimer: HTML5 Online game/ Box2D physics/ Game Maker Studio. Based on famous game for mobile by Rovio: Angry Birds.
  • Click with the mouse or tap the screen. Mobile ready! (Tablet/Smartphones)

  • Click Gorillie on the slingshot, hold, aim, and release.

  • Click while Gorillie is in the air to activate the power ups.
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